60W 2x4ft. Panel Light-LED日光燈/投射燈/吸頂燈/崁燈燈泡/工廠用燈/閎吉精密股份有限公司LED日光燈-


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60W 2x4ft. Panel Light

TWD$ 8000

TWD$ 8000


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 Product Features

*USD$1=TWD$30 is applicable to the order delivered to
overseas destination
*Please contact: 18@diamontex.com for details.

*“Backlight Module”, produces beautiful and well-distributed light
* Low glare, Light is soft without flicker
*High luminous efficiency
*Flicker Free

Only 1 cm ultra-thin body design presents modern and advanced appearance. Through the Light-Guide Plate and diffuser, the light is evenly distributed and glares are reduced. The light-emitting surface is integrated and beautiful. The Luminous Efficiency can be up to 110 Lm/W, without stroboscopic issues. Due to the feature of eye-protection, the working environment would be bright, cozy and productive. Since dirt is not accumulated on the flat lamp, cost-savings from cleaning job will be additional benefits for Panel Light. In consideration of pipeline dodging, the thin and lightweight design is extremely helpful to achieve the easy and rapid installation.
Why do I need Panel Light?
The appearance is modern and beautiful to create a better and more productive work environment through soft and well-distributed illumination. It is the excellent choice for replacing widely used T-Bar Lights (Light Steel Frame Lights) in the office. Maintenance and the installation are easy to manage. Savings in electricity bills and cleaning labors are major financial motives for using Panel Light.
Ideal for
Office, Bank, Store, Classroom, Activity center, Exhibition center, Clinic
Color Temperature
Choose the appropriate Color Temperature to enhance the efficiency of works. The Color Temperatures refer to the colors LED illuminations produce. In comparison with traditional lights, LED presents various Color Temperatures, such as 5500K White Light, 4200K Natural Light, and 3000K Yellow Light.