Cylindrical Ceiling Lamp (Luminaire only)-LED日光燈/投射燈/吸頂燈/崁燈燈泡/工廠用燈/閎吉精密股份有限公司LED日光燈-


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Cylindrical Ceiling Lamp (Luminaire only)

TWD$ 550

TWD$ 550


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 Product Features

*USD$1=TWD$30 is applicable to the order delivered to
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*Please contact: for details.

*E27 lamp holder for traditional and LED bulbs.
*This item is only for lamps, and the bulbs must be purchased separately.
* Mirror reflector to increase light intensit
There is no split light source type, as long as the bulb of E27 lamp holder is applicable; this product is only for lamps, and the bulb with applicable wattage can be purchased according to the installation height; the specular reflector can concentrate the light of the bulb to enhance the brightness。
Why do I need Cylindrical Ceiling Light?
Under the architecture structure and environment, beams, columns or pipeline often block the ceiling light. Therefore, cylindrical lamp is needed to lower the irradiation and eliminate the shadow。
Ideal for
Shopping mall, Breakfast shop, Department store, Home decor, Display stand, Clothing stores, exhibition halls, Furniture stores, Car showroom, Counter。