Bracket Light 10W (2Ft.)-LED日光燈/投射燈/吸頂燈/崁燈燈泡/工廠用燈/閎吉精密股份有限公司LED日光燈-


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10W 2ft Bracket Light

TWD$ 105

TWD$ 105


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 Product Features

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*Bracket Lightalso calledBatten Light
*High Brightness
*Easy Installation
*Superior luminous efficiency
The light can deliver high level of brightness, up to 100lm / W. Fast serial connection, up to 7 sets, can save time and effort. The connection eliminates the Shade Areas (Dark Areas) between two sets of tube lights. It is mainly used to create beautiful and artistic effects for interior design by uninterrupted illumination of serial connection.
Why do I need Bracket Light?
Unlike fluorescent lamp, bracket lights are connected in series up to 7 sets to present uninterrupted illumination without Shade Areas in between. The illumination can demonstrate more refined and artistic lighting effect for interior design.
Color Temperature
Choose the appropriate Color Temperature to enhance the efficiency of works. The Color Temperatures refer to the colors LED illuminations produce. In comparison with traditional lights, LED presents various Color Temperatures, such as 5500K White Light, 4200K Natural Light, and 3000K Yellow Light.